Last week I spent my day out at LSUE updating their campus pictures! It was definitely a break from my normal schedule :)  I’m usually working with sweet couples or beautiful family who are excited to be photographed, so walking around campus when literally NO one expects to have their picture taken is quite a switch, lol! This was my second year photographing the campus for their brochures and I LOVE doing it! Mr. Van Reed is the pubic relations manager and does such an amazing job with LSUE’s media and always organizes me a full day on campus. He is also the person responsible for introducing me to photography in the first place and has taught me so much! I had a few of his student workers showing me where to go and keeping me on schedule throughout the day. Everyone was so helpful and cooperative and we ended up with dozens of great shots :) I want to thank all of the students who were drafted as last-minute models to pose for us! I was able to meet so many great people throughout the day and even met up with past seniors of mine! I love getting to meet people and photographing new things. This day was very full of both!! I even found myself in the middle of basketball and baseball practice. Two places I NEVER expected to be, lol!!

If anyone would like to download their pictures it’s totally free and you can do so by clicking on this link and following the prompts! They will want you to create an account (you can create through facebook) and from there you can view the full gallery! You can download individual pictures or order professional prints :)

Please contact me if you have any trouble! Here are my favorites from the day :) Thanks again, everyone!

2016-10-18_0001 Can you spot my cousin :)

2016-10-18_0002 2016-10-18_0003 2016-10-18_0004 2016-10-18_0005 Love accidentally meeting up with friends!! :)

2016-10-18_0006 2016-10-18_0007 2016-10-18_0008 2016-10-18_0009 Haley is a past senior of mine!! She was definitely used to being posed! lol!
2016-10-18_0010 2016-10-18_0011 2016-10-18_0012 2016-10-18_0013 2016-10-18_0014 2016-10-18_0015 I spotted another cousin ;) she totally wasn’t late for class!

2016-10-18_0016 2016-10-18_0017 2016-10-18_0018 2016-10-18_0019 2016-10-18_0020 2016-10-18_0021 These sweet girls volunteered to be models for us using this very cool lightbulb thing! (The professor had a much cooler name!)

2016-10-18_0023 2016-10-18_0022 Even I learned something doing this!

2016-10-18_0024 LSUE just purchased their first 3D printer and this tiny machine MADE this piece!!! Isn’t that AMAZING?!?! It took  7 hours!

2016-10-18_0025 2016-10-18_0026 The 3D printer also made this, lol :)

2016-10-18_0027 2016-10-18_0028 2016-10-18_0029 2016-10-18_0030 2016-10-18_0031 2016-10-18_0032 2016-10-18_0033 2016-10-18_0034 2016-10-18_0035 I was even able to make a quick stop at the campus Catholic student center for mass! :)

2016-10-18_0036 2016-10-18_0037 2016-10-18_0038 2016-10-18_0039 2016-10-18_0040 2016-10-18_0041 Dorm life! Loved the uplifting way this room was decorated! A sweet girl volunteered her room for us to use and she had bible verses everywhere and praise music playing as we walked in! She wasn’t even there and her room was still happy! Thank you K for volunteering your space!! This pretty girl did a great job of modeling for us :)

2016-10-18_0042 2016-10-18_0043 2016-10-18_0044 2016-10-18_0045 2016-10-18_0046 2016-10-18_0047 2016-10-18_0048 2016-10-18_0049 2016-10-18_0050 2016-10-18_0051 2016-10-18_0052 2016-10-18_0053 2016-10-18_0054 2016-10-18_0055 2016-10-18_0056 2016-10-18_0057 2016-10-18_0058 2016-10-18_0059 2016-10-18_0060 2016-10-18_0061 2016-10-18_0062 2016-10-18_0063 2016-10-18_0064 2016-10-18_0065 2016-10-18_0066 2016-10-18_0067 2016-10-18_0068 2016-10-18_0069 2016-10-18_0070 2016-10-18_0071 2016-10-18_0072 2016-10-18_0073 2016-10-18_0074 2016-10-18_0075 2016-10-18_0076 2016-10-18_0077 2016-10-18_0078 2016-10-18_0079 2016-10-18_0080 2016-10-18_0081 2016-10-18_0082 2016-10-18_0083 2016-10-18_0084 2016-10-18_0085 2016-10-18_0086 2016-10-18_0087 2016-10-18_0088 2016-10-18_0089 2016-10-18_0090 2016-10-18_0091 2016-10-18_0092 2016-10-18_0093 2016-10-18_0094 2016-10-18_0095 2016-10-18_0096 2016-10-18_0097 2016-10-18_0098 2016-10-18_0099 2016-10-18_0100 2016-10-18_0101 2016-10-18_0102 2016-10-18_0103