Had such a great time shooting this beautiful family in Crowley, Louisiana!! I received a call a few weeks ago from Mrs. Kristy saying she loved her daughter’s baseball pictures so much, that she wanted to go ahead and have me take their family pictures. I was honored! They have such a sweet family! The little girl, Iyanna was at that age where they are not exactly sure of how they should smile….so Mrs. Kristy kept reminding her to say her name (Iyanna Marie Gibson)…apparently this helps her smile. Haha! So for the full 2 hours she steadfastly repeated, “Iyanna Marie Gibson, Iyanna Marie Gibson, Iyanna Marie Gibson…”! So so cute! Her brother was so easy-going and eager to please! (with a little candy help, lol!) So, all in all, it was a fabulous session! The weather was perfect and we were both so pleased with how everything came out :)

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