Kelly + Matt River Engagement Session

These two are so incredibly sweet and I loved their river engagement session! They picked this location because Matt is from Mississippi and said these sandy river banks reminded him of the rivers back home. What a sentimental location for them, being he couldn’t take any photographs back in his home town!

The sandy shores of the Calcasieu River is one of my favorite locations! I’m always amazed how the sand can be so WHITE paired next to that brown water, lol! The light looks so clean against that white sand and I adore the way it looks. This session made me anxious for family pictures in Destin later this year!! <3

Kelly + Matt have such fun personalities and kind hearts. It makes it so fun when the guy is invested in the engagement session and Matt was 100%. He wanted Kelly to have perfect photos and they were both up for anything I wanted to try. I was so thankful these two were adventurous because not many people would’ve waded out into the river to perch on a tiny limb!!!! But these two did and ROCKED it! They didn’t mind getting their beautiful clothes dripping wet for a few great shots at the end. Thankful for these two and can’t wait for their wedding!!!