Mary + Tony Church Point Wedding

Mary + Tony are MARRIED!!! This wedding was such a blast and I’m so excited to be sharing it today on the blog. Mary and I were both holding our breath tracking the forecast the week of the wedding…but the morning of the wedding it POURED! Torrential downpours all through the night and continued during the day. I was worried Mary would be upset but she was as relaxed as could be! Mary has such an easygoing, laid back personality and didn’t worry about something she couldn’t control.

I’m so thankful for the gorgeous porch at the getting ready location. We photographed every single portrait on this porch…with Steven holding an umbrella over me in the rain! If you saw me or Steven at the wedding and wondered why we looked like wet dogs…this is why!!! LOL. Luckily Mary and her sweet girls didn’t mind getting a little misty standing on that porch and I think it was 100% worth it. Such troopers! Also thankful for the covering at the church that allowed us to get portraits outside. Having backup locations with covering can make SUCH a difference on your wedding day if it rains.

Mary and Tony dated all through high school and were SOO ready to be a married couple. Tony couldn’t hold back the tears as she walked down the aisle and neither could anyone else. He’s such a sweetheart! During the mother-son dance both he and his momma got misty eyed. I may have been crying more than both of them! So many sweet people were present on this day. Forever thankful for happy clients that become friends and the support system they have in making this the best day ever! I hope you enjoy my favorites. Congratulations, Mary + Tony!!!!!!